Saturday, May 8, 2010


There are no classes during the weekends, and Fred is free to do whatever he feels like within limits of course. It is nice to have the flexibility to take him outside by myself.

Fred was too wiped out in the afternoon to have any of his classes, so he took a long nap, and my friend from Durango brought me more of my things and took me to run a few errands.

Kalyn got her yesterday evening, and she has hardly let me get outside of a ten foot radius from her. She does not trust that I won't go away for an extended period again. Yesterday I was so excited after I saw her, and I went to go get Fred, I had to really focus on not rushing him and being cautious. I can't wait to see what healing powers it has on Fred being able to see her. We had a nice dinner at the apartment and then took Fred back to rest.

This morning Fred was in a lot of pain with the tightness in his hips and wasn't in a very good mood, and I felt a little grumpy myself. It is amazing how quickly I can go from really extreme highs to lows emotionally. What he really needed was a couple of good naps. My brother and his wife sent over 2 dozen bagels, cream cheese and lox for Fred and all of us to enjoy with extras for the staff. It was a nice treat for us to share and made Fred happy.

While Fred was napping we took Kalyn to a nearby park and let her run around outside. I even went on the swings myself. I had forgotten how swinging up really high is quite a mood alterer! We came back to the hospital and brought Fred outside for a little sunshine, and he read Kalyn a story while she sat in his lap. He gets worn out quickly, but hopefully this weekend we can get him some nice rest broken up with some family times together.

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