Saturday, May 29, 2010


I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating because it doesn't seem like it is happening enough for me lately. What a difference a good night of sleep makes! I only had a half hour in the night where the dog woke me up and I dealt with him and was able to fall back asleep, and Kalyn even slept in! My outlook on life is so different today! I feel like I can handle what I need to and let go of what will be too much. I can see that I'm off the fast lane in life and feel good about that. The recipe is 31 years of trying to be an overachiever, a husband in a traumatic accident, a month of turmoil, one good night of sleep, and suddenly I feel acceptance. Please don't take this as a promise because tomorrow I'll probably be falling apart again!

I went to the pool today with my friend and her daughter who is Kalyn's best bud. Usually Fred is with us whenever we go to the pool, but it didn't feel like we were leaving him out because it worked out to be a girl's morning, and we had a fun time. We met up with Tom, Mamar (Tom's mom) and Jim (Mamar's husband) for lunch. They bought Kalyn a new jigsaw puzzle, and she was happily occupied with that for an hour. Kalyn has become a puzzle master in the last month.

I talked to Fred last night around 9 and this afternoon around 3. What a difference in him when he is rested too. When I'm tired, I'm sure people can hear how overwhelmed I am. When Fred is tired, I can hear the brain injury, but when he is rested, he sounds like himself. This afternoon he sounded like himself. His mom and step dad took him to the Body Exhibit today. He said it was very interesting and bought a book on keeping the brain healthy and active. His plan is to donate it to the fire department, and I told him that's fine after he is done studying the entire thing!

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