Friday, May 14, 2010

A Break

This morning I woke up still feeling really raw emotionally, so I stayed at the apartment and got work done. It felt good to actually accomplish something, and then I took Kalyn to a nearby park because the sun was finally out. There were a couple of other girls close to her age there, and she had fun playing with some kids and being outside in the sun.

We came back to have lunch with Fred, and it sounded like he had a good morning of classes. Tom and I are now approved to let him take walks around the east and west wings or around the apartment. The next level of clearance for us will be driving in the car, but I think they need to train us on how to break down the wheelchair first.

One of the main things they talked about in the meeting yesterday is the area of his brain that had the injury is the part of the brain that would comprehend that he is hurt and not 100 percent yet. He already tried to push the limits last night of what he is allowed to do by himself. Everything here is very safety oriented, and they are only trying to avoid having him fall and hit his head again. Hopefully he will understand that he needs to play by the rules so they don't have to put restrictions on him.

He is almost done with his last class for the day, and then the weekend is all free time. There is a barbershop in walking distance that we were thinking we could take him to, and we heard there is a great thai restaurant in walking distance as well, so maybe we'll all go out to eat!

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