Sunday, May 2, 2010


Fred had a rough night last night because he was in a lot of pain, mostly headaches. He was not able to rest much and seems to have his days and nights confused so he wants to sleep all day but is having a hard time getting a long stretch of rest in during the day because someone is constantly coming in to mess with him.

I really liked his nurse yesterday, Shannon, and she is his nurse again today. She is very good about consulting me on Fred's care and a very attentive nurse. We have a few things in common as she has a two year old boy, so it has been fun talking with her. Tom has been sure to buy the nurses chocolate and cookies to thank them for all of their hard work. Thank goodness for Whole Foods! We've been well fed without having to deal with restaurants all week.

I woke up at 5 this morning and was not able to sleep anymore, so I went to the hotel gym and got a workout in. It felt really good to breathe deeply and move and work some stress and emotions out in a way other than crying!

My sister sent me a care package yesterday that was full of the perfect combination of distractions and goodies. It has truly been amazing the amount of love and support I feel. I would not be functioning at all if I did not have my step dad here with me to keep me fed, drive me back and forth to the hospital, sit with Fred and give me breaks and have someone here to talk to and cry with. I can't imagine going through this by myself, but I also know I would never have to because of all of the family and friends ready to do anything they can.

This whole process has really been a helpful lesson in staying in the present and just being wiht whatever emotion comes up. Right now the future is so uncertain and scary for me to think about that I am able to keep myself in the present.

Fred's short term memory seems to be improving. He does not remember the accident, but he remembers that we have told him he was riding his bicycle down hesperus hill and hit a rock.

Fred's birthday is on Thursday, and I had already given him his present of new bike pedals which he was using when he crashed! We were just talking about his birthday and he said he hoped he wasn't still here for his birthday. I had to tell him that he wouldn't be in this hospital but next door in a rehab hospital, but I told him it should be nicer.

Fred's sense of humor is still very much intact after the head injury and even being in this much pain. He had us laughing today, but we haven't really gotten him to laugh but I'll settle for the smiles for now until his ribs are healed!


  1. Ciao Bella, Life is so fragile and so strong. So are you my dear. Send my love to Fred from the Dolomites. A dopo, Amy

  2. Blessed Jenna and Fred!

    I have been talking with your mom and keeping posted on the events of your lives. I am so happy that there is progress and you sound wonderful dear Jenna! Your attitude and presence is an inspiration! I am so happy you have Tom there with you, this is a huge blessing. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! May this be a big blessing in disguise! love and more love sent your way! lydia in Austin, Texas

  3. thinking about you guys constantly...please let us know when he is settled at craig and up for visitors. xo, the newcomers

  4. Jenna and Tom,
    Just a note of encouragement today. Know you're in our prayers. Looking forward to hearing when Fred gets settled next door. Take care.