Sunday, May 30, 2010

Holiday Weekend

I just talked to Fred, and he had a nice Sunday in Denver. They went to REI, a great Mexican restaurant and an outdoor oriented coffee shop. He was impressed with the REI store and wished he could have used their climbing wall. It seems like he is doing well with taking a rest when he needs to, especially when his shoulder starts acting up. He also wants to stay on the schedule he has set up for himself and gets worried when he is not back at the time he said he would be back by. The hospital had told me it's not a problem if you are later then when you said you would be back, but I take it as a good sign that Fred is paying attention to details like what time it is and when he said he would return.

Kalyn and I went out to breakfast with a friend this morning and then our neighbors took their daughter and Kalyn on a hike. I had a couple of weekend hours to myself to pack for our California trip tomorrow and stabilize the German Müller-Thurgau wine that I had started brewing before our lives got turned upside down. We made it last year and enjoyed it, and even though Fred isn't able to drink it right now, I'm looking forward to the end of July and August when it will be ready. You are all welcome to come over and have some with me and visit with Fred at that time!

I am really looking forward to going to California tomorrow, spending the week with my family and focusing on my sister's wedding. I feel like it will be both relaxing and therapeutic for me.

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