Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Settling In

It has been one week since the accident, and sometimes it feels like hours and other times it feels like is has been years to me. Fred had some good times yesterday being up and alert. His constant joking around keeps me positive. Yesterday when they were getting ready to take him over to Craig I said his chariot awaits in reference to his wheelchair, and he makes a motion with his hand. We were all thinking he was having a hard time with depth perception, but he was pretending to polish his chair as a joke!

Once we got over to Craig someone was talking to him and was asking him how old he was, and he said 40, and I corrected him and said he was 41, and it turns out I was wrong! There are definitely times when his brain is functioning better than mine!

We were talking about being at Craig, and he asked how long he was going to be here, and I said probably about a month. He wasn't too pleased to hear that and responded, "I guess I'm not doing the Iron Horse." I kept my response to myself after that.

Fred's appreciation for what everyone is doing for him and for us grows everyday. Yesterday he was urging Tom and I to go out and do some fun city stuff while we are here. He said, "Tom has really been amazing, you guys should go out to dinner on me." I told him I had his wallet, so maybe I would take him up on that!

Yesterday our friend Lisa brought over a whole bag of goodies to welcome us to our new apartment and help us settle in. The extra effort that everyone is putting in for us brings me to tears, and I am at a loss for words as to how to thank everyone for their help.

Last night was not a good night of sleep for Fred or myself. I feel like I get a good night about every other night right now. I've started keeping a notepad and a pen by my bed, so I can write something down and hope my brain will let it go until morning.

It feels really good to be settled in the apartment a block away from Fred and be able to come and go from the hospital. Today has been filled with more tests as the doctors want a complete evaluation of Fred now that he is their patient. This morning he met with the speech therapist, and he was falling asleep, but she asked him what his name was, and he gave her this look that said, "why are you asking me such a stupid question?"


  1. So glad you are over there now!

  2. I am glad you guys are getting settled in. Give my bro a kiss for me.~Ruth

  3. Jenna,
    I just wrote a lengthy message but lost it, so I'll do a test first. Never done this before!