Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday To Fred!

You certainly get a lot of attention for your birthday if you have a traumatic brain injury a little over a week before your birthday. His room is full of balloons, flowers and goodies.

Last night we went to an old family friend's house with three little girls. It was great to see them and have some nice family time. She made an incredible dinner and we sat and talked for hours. I have always looked up to her as a big sister, and it was very special to have her welcome us into her home.

This morning I woke up grumpy and emotional. I usually have a hard time emotionally on my birthday, and it breaks my heart having Fred be in the hospital on his birthday because I don't know what I can do to make it special and fun for him. I went over and saw him first thing in the morning to see what sounded good for a birthday breakfast. Of course, he asks for a bagel with lox, which was a bit beyond my abilities today, so he settled for a regular bagel with cream cheese from the coffee cart.

He was a little confused when he woke up this morning and ranting a little about something which I did not grasp, but once he woke up some more he was talking about normal things. We have started to see more of the things that are harder for him to do today which I needed to see to start understanding it myself, but I don't like writing about the things that are hard for him and it feels better for me to focus on the progress he is making.

He sat up and ate a good lunch and stayed up talking to us for his whole lunch break until his next class. I'm getting laundry duties done now and taking a little break this afternoon, but we are going to pick up a nice dessert from whole foods for tonight.


  1. Happy Birthday to Fred! I wish we could be there to give him a big hug! Lots of love, Em

  2. Happy Birthday Fred! I won't call so that someone else gets the chance to talk to him. i got my chance on the 4th. Tell him Happry Birthday from all of us.

  3. Happy Birthday Fred!! I wish you the quickest and best of recoveries! We are all thinking of you. Rest well!

    Aaron Ball

  4. Happy Birthday, Fred! Sorry you have to spend it in rehab, but so thankful that you are alive and alert and making progress!

    Jenna, I learned of Fred's accident from Brad Cartwright on Facebook. Thank you so much for this blog. It's so nice to read his daily progress, and I'm sure this is therapeutic for you. You're doing a great job! Wish I could give you both a great big hug. I live in Boulder now, so maybe I can make it over for a visit before he leaves. God bless you both, you are both in my prayers.
    ~Donna Luehrs (formerly of MPS)

  5. A giant birthday wish for you Fred. I didn't realize it came 4 days after my brother's Ted Trept. He turned 65, poor puppy. (Can't tell I'm the older sister. No mercy.)

    Jenna, you have no idea how much I appreciate your blogs. For those pulling for all of you, this modern communication is the best. I'm enjoying getting to know you too.

    We do what we have to in life and you do it beautifully. Glad you're part of the family.

    Keep up the good work and "gute Besserung".

    The Dallas branch
    Your cousin kinda sorta

    Heidi Trept van Hulst