Friday, May 7, 2010

Something to Look Forward To

Kalyn is on her way to us as I type! My mom and brother are driving up with her today, and both Fred and I are anxious to see her. This is the longest we have ever been away from her. Fred has been saying it will be the highlight of his week. Seeing her is really going to motivate a speedy recovery for him. It will be interesting to see how much commotion she causes at the hospital because she will want to get into everything as a typical almost 3 year old would.

The afternoon yesterday was much better, and Fred really perked up. I took the afternoon off and went for a run outside by myself and then Tom and I went to Whole Foods to stock up the apartment. For the birthday dinner we had a whole selection of foods for him and had a modified picnic in his room. Our friend Michael came by and spent some time with Fred. He was in a good mood and not grumpy about spending his birthday in the hospital. The above picture is from yesterday.

Fred got worn out after about an hour, so we let him rest, and I came back by at the end of the night. Last night he got a decent night of sleep and was not as restless. Today has been another good day as Tom and I are getting trained and cleared to take Fred around and outside on our own. Hopefully we will have the doctor's orders for that by the end of the day because they do not have classes all weekend. It will be great to get him out during the day this weekend with Kalyn here and have some free time.

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