Monday, May 24, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

I have a tendency to either cry or laugh in stressful situations. It really isn't my nature to get angry, and often when I am given nasty news I get emotional but then just find it hilarious. I probably look a bit crazy at times laughing when things are not going well, but I take it as my body's defense mechanism.

What a day today...I woke up emotional because Kalyn and I were leaving and won't see Fred for at least two weeks. We got Fred and had breakfast together, and as we are sitting there, Tom gets an email that the house we had rented to stay at for my sister's wedding was a scam. I felt awful when I heard that news. I had been looking forward to staying at the house and having Emily's bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner there. The thought of having to tell my sister about it made me feel awful. She is less than two weeks away from her wedding, and I remember the nerves of the final weeks before the wedding.

At his first class the case worker, Melissa, wanted to meet with me. She is an amazing advocate for us and basically does all of the arguing with the insurance company and applies for anything and everything for us that might help. I told her I had already started receiving things from the insurance company and also told her I got a bill from the Denver ambulance company that transported Fred from the airport. She told me to bring everything to her, and she would work on it. I went back to the apartment and opened all of the pieces of mail I had brought with me but hadn't felt like opening yet. The ambulance ride wasn't *that* expensive for an 11 mile trip, but there was also a bill from the medical flight that took us to Denver. I feel like we should own the plane we flew on for the cost of that bill! When I opened that one, I just started laughing - it says it was submitted to the insurance company. I hope they work out a deal on that one.

We said our goodbyes to Fred and were off to the airport. I am getting better at navigating the airport with too much luggage and a toddler, and it helped that the airport was quiet. The wind was blowing really hard, so a lot of flights were canceled or delayed. Luckily, we were just delayed, and Kalyn was a trooper once again and had multiple people commenting on what a good kid she was.

We're home for the week before we go to my sister's wedding. I think they were able to find another house on short notice that hopefully isn't a scam because it looks beautiful from the pictures.

A friend sent me an email today that just made me laugh because it was funny too. She was commenting about how I have said I didn't think the universe would give me more than I could handle. She said she had a friend that is going through a hard time, but her friend knew that God would not give her more than she could handle. Then her friend added that she wished God did not think so much of her! It was the perfect day for me to hear this and get a good laugh at how much I can relate.

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