Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rehab Begins

Fred's day was very busy getting shuttled back and forth for different tests and also beginning the rehab. They really wore him out today, so hopefully he can get some rest, eat some dinner and get a good's night sleep.

His whole body is sore and tight and it's hard for me to see the repercussions of the brain injury right now. Mostly I just see him with the broken bones and really sleepy. He doesn't keep his eyes open for long and rarely opens them all of the way, but each day is improving in that sense. I definitely have moments of thinking he will just be able to pass all of their tests and move on out.

He told me today that he is tired of "this." Healing takes so much energy. I can't imagine what he is going through. I think about when I have had just one thing be painful for me and how draining it is, and his body is trying to heal on so many different fronts.

Right now we are trying to keep him positive and help him understand he is doing a great job. I keep hearing from the staff that often they don't see someone until a month or so after their accident, so we have come a long way in a week. This time last week I didn't even know that he had been in an accident.

I asked him what sounded good for dinner, and he said pasta with a meat sauce sounded good. I have been waiting for him to ask for some pasta!


  1. Jenna, thanks so much for sharing this journal with us! Your writing is beautiful,expressive, and concisely informational too. It's good to hear that today Fred's asking for one of his favorite foods for dinner. To savor good flavors is definitely part of his recovery. I can almost feel that I'm there with you and Fred. Which I am, in spirit. I looked up Craig Hospital and it sounds like an amazing place! Stu and I send big hugs to you and everyone in the family.
    Love, "Aunt Pat" and "Uncle Stu" in Seattle

  2. Jenna,
    We have Station 9 and others ready to do some yard work, so don't worry about the Spring cleaning chores :) Thanks again Jenna for your honest and thoughtful efforts each day with your journal entries. They have been as helpful and therapeutic for us as they have been for you.

    We are so thankful that there is always a bit of progress each day with Fred. It really has only been a week... a very long week, but still a week with significant progress. There will be days ahead for both of you where you may have to look hard for that progress... but it will be there. We're 120% behind you. Today will be a good day!

    In our prayers,
    Leo Lloyd