Monday, May 3, 2010


Fred had a much better night last night. I talked to the nurse around 10, and he had perked up a little and was opening his eyes more and talking to them about the paramedic program here. She said it was the first time she had really seen his personality. After a little time of being up, he decided to go to bed and actually had a more restful night. I got a huge adrenaline rush after talking on the phone with her and hearing how well he was doing. It was nice to go to bed smiling versus worrying!

I was able to do get a good night of sleep myself and woke up around 6 this morning arguing with myself as to whether I should get up and get a workout in or get up and head straight to the hospital. I'd say the smarter part of myself one the argument because I decided to get the workout in and just call and check in with the nurse. She told me he had been able to rest better that night, so I got a good workout in guilt free!

He was asleep when we came into the hospital and when he woke up his head was really bothering him. He seems more aware of the length of time that he has been in constant pain. He was telling me he wants to feel better and go home and hang out with Kalyn. He told me the hospital seems good and asked how things were going at home. He also told me a good story of the previous night after we had left the hospital. It was nice to have more of a normal conversation with him as I have really noticed how much I miss being able to chat with him and normal conversation every day. It makes me realize how important he is in my life and in my day to day thoughts.

This morning his headache was bad and he was complaining about the pressure in his eyes and ears. The doctor said this is normal and gave him a steroid, hoping that would help relieve the pressure. It did seem to help a little as now he is resting better.

They were ready to transfer him to Craig today, so I spent the morning waiting for the insurance to come back with the approval. The wait was stressful for me because of how important this rehab will be. The approval finally came in around 11:30, and we should be transferred in the afternoon. There is an aparment opening for us too, so we will be within walking distance of him at all times.

I spent the morning doing crosswords. I am horrible at crossword puzzles, but my sister sent and EASY crossword book and it has all the answers in the back, so maybe I can learn how to be better at them and try and keep my brain active since I can't finish a sentence or thought lately!


  1. Cousin Jenna,
    I've just learned of Fred's accident from my mom. We sure will be keeping him (and you!) liffted up in our thoughts. I'm so sorry this has happened, but hopeful that he will recover over time. I'm so glad you've got plenty of help with Kaylyn and an apt close to rehab. It sounds like he's in good hands (as long as he doesn't fall again in the shower!) Hugs and love from cousin Jennifer

  2. Hi Jenna,
    This is all such wonderful news! We are all praying for you both.

    Fire Marshal Tom Kaufman would like you to contact him regarding a fund raiser idea he is working on. his office # is 382-6029 or cell # 799-2054.

    Please tell Fred hello and we are so happy about the progress he has made.
    I will be in touch!

  3. SO HAPPY about this good news. Love you guys!!

  4. Hi, Jenna. Your mom let us know about this. I'm glad you are writing about it and we can stay in touch. Know that we are sending lots of warm thoughts and love to you and keeping you two in our hearts.

    Love to you and Fred,