Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reading with Kalyn

Here are some pictures from our afternoon outside with Kalyn. They have beautiful gardens that are full of blooming tulips right now.

There's nothing like a riveting princess story to capture all of our attentions!


  1. These are great and precious shots...Fred, you look great! Again, Happy Birthday...

  2. What lovely photos! Sunshine for an extended birthday present! How about that!

    It's good to see you Fred. My last photo was of "Smiley". I've slept since then.

    Jenna, Happy Mother's Day.

    Heidi in Dallas

  3. Jenna,
    Happy Mother's Day! I figured since I didn't hear from your mom that Kalyn would be coming up for the weekend, and the pictures are such a lovely reminder of how joyous something like reading a book can be! I'm so happy that you are able to all be together on this weekend.
    Love, Heidi Jordan