Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Selective Memory

Fred is either having very selective memory loss about how long we are going to be here, or he is just choosing to ignore the truth. He keeps thinking he'll be back home by the weekend and be ready to go back to work. He is making progress, and his balance is improving. His sarcasm is still doing very well.

This morning Kalyn crawled into Fred's bed and helped him eat his breakfast. She is her father's daughter and loves bacon. There is a little grill kitchen on Fred's floor of the hospital that cooks up one specific thing for each meal, and it is at least a step or two above hospital food. The bacon comes in nice thick slabs, and Kalyn and Fred are enjoying that. Kalyn loves to help push her Daddy and push the buttons on the elevator.

Fred had his EEG today. He said he got in trouble for rubbing his head during the hour long test. His direct quote had a lot more sarcasm in it which I can't exactly recall. Fred can joke around so much that sometimes it is hard to tell if he is being serious or just sarcastic. Most times I blame it on sarcasm. He does get confused at times, especially when he first wakes up he says some random things, but that usually just makes me laugh even though they aren't funny things. My emotional reaction is to laugh first and cry later.

Fred is missing his guitar and ready to play. Once his shoulder heals a little more, playing will be a nice way for him to not get bored and do something he enjoys. He has on his Fender shirt today and the equipment guy in the PT room saw him and said "I knew you played guitar!"

I am feeling a litte scattered today, but that may be related to getting up at 5:30 this morning. I was able to sneak away from Kalyn while she was still asleep and get some exercise and be back before she woke up. Her mama-radar is on high alert right now, so last night when I disappeared for a few minutes to get the laundry out of the dryer she had a full on meltdown. My mom and brother went back home today which was emotional for me, but also good that they can get back to somewhat of a normal life (whatever that means now!) for a few weeks.

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  1. Can't wait for a lil rock n roll with my Fender buddy...Fred, got to know how cool you are thru numerous Flat Tire related events, but Jenna, Pam and I have really gotten to know how cool you are thru these wonderful, loving, insightful blogs--you both are very lucky--Fred get better quick!!