Monday, May 10, 2010

So Thankful

I'm crying as I write again today, but not tears of frustration, just thankful tears for all of your love and support. Fred is an amazing man, and always gives so much of himself, and it is so beautiful to see that all coming back to help him. He sees it, knows it, and completely appreciates it. As our daughter puts it so well in her two year old mindset of "I can do it by myself." I can't ever wonder where she gets that from because both Fred and I do everything we can to not ask for help. It has been amazing these past two weeks because we haven't ever had to ask for help, whatever we need is there for us, and I can't wait to give each of you big hugs and bring Fred home to see all of you.

Fred got to take a bath last night, and soaking in the hot water really helped loosen up his tight muscles and joints as well as relax, so he had a good night of sleep last night. He needed the rest because today has been a busy day. He was booked from 9-12 with his therapies, and all the therapists could see a difference in his alertness and how well he does when he is awake and not focusing on pain. Fred passed his post traumatic amnesia test this morning which was a test he had to correctly answer a certain percentage of a series of the same questions 3 days in a row. He doesn't remember the accident at all or even going out to go on a ride, but I think that might be a good thing.

Kalyn is still having separation anxiety from me, but she does fine once she gets away and starts doing fun. I went with Fred to a few of his morning classes, and we are both impressed by the staff and what the facility has to offer. Today we toured the Therapeutic Recreational Room which has everything from games, movies, art or gardening supplies to a pool table or foosball. During his lunch break I brought him to the apartment and a few of our friends that he works with were there to visit. He was happy to see them and already talking about stopping by the Denver office to say hello.

Fred had an hour class after lunch and then an appointment with an ear doctor at another hospital this afternoon. I let go a little bit and decided I didn't need to be there for that appointment as they would transport him, have someone with him at all times, and it didn't have anything to do with his brain injury rehab. The appointment was to get the stitches out of his right ear, clean the blood out of his left ear that drained out from the contusion and also check out his eardrums. I know the doctors will get a full report here and let me know anything crucial.

Instead of going to the appointment, I put Kalyn down for her nap which is my favorite quiet time of day. I even got a few minutes of work done! I thought having a part time job and being a mom was a lot. Now I feel like I have 3 full time jobs!

Tom gets back this evening, and it will be interesting to see the changes he sees in Fred after a few days away. A week ago right now we were getting checked in at Craig, and he has made so much progress in one week! Getting past the physical pain is going to be a huge step in Fred being able to make big strides with his therapies.


  1. Please let Fred know the band is following his recovery thru your blog. I'm so impressed with you Jenna! Hang in there. Say Hi to Fredo from Chris, Mark, Ryan, Alicia, Stevo and all the Stillwater folks!

    Thinking of you both these days :)


  2. Hello Amazing Healers, Just checking out the news since returning home from seeing Mackenzie and family in Santa Cruz area. I sent a rather lengthy message at about the time you moved on to Craig, but I don't see it anywhere! So, please know that you all have been in my thoughts everyday and I have been sending love and TLC waves since the moment I heard of your troubles. I mentioned in the "missing" comment that my bike wreck head injury took awhile to heal and yet I feel that I've done better than ever since then...finishing 1st in my nursing class and working to create our hospital TLC program. So I am holding the thought that you move on with extra gifts, energy and perspective enriched by knowing how much love surrounds you always. Sending hugs, Melinda

    May 11, 2010 9:17 AM

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