Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Stubborn Family

Fred and I shouldn't be surprised that our daughter is so stubborn. Usually we try and blame it on the other, but she obviously got it from both of us. I think it can be a good trait, but sometimes someone else knows better than you, like your mom or your doctors. I finally won the stubborn battle with Kalyn and got her to take her nap. Fred's stubborn battle is that he thinks the doctors are wrong and he should be able to go home tomorrow.

I spent yesterday evening and this morning discussing with him how I want him to be home too, but he is not ready and it will be better if he spends more time here. He has the doctors and therapists fooled around here because he goes along with what they are asking him to do, and then he comes to me at the end of the day and tells me how ridiculous it is. He also can't see when he is having a hard time with something. He will tell you he had to do a stupid computer came with 1970s graphics, but he doesn't see that it was difficult for him as it got more complicated.

Kalyn and I got him this morning and had bagels together, and then we went to a school park that is in walking distance. I had to argue with Fred about his ability to play with Kalyn on the equipment, and I finally won because he takes her safety seriously and that wasn't a fair choice for me to have to make about who I can keep from falling. In the end, we were able to have a nice family outing with some sunshine and fresh air, and I got a good workout pushing Fred and Kalyn in the wheelchair.

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  1. A friend of ours is a physical therapist and has workded in a brain trauma center in Hawaii. She said that the safety issue is the main one at this point.
    It's so good that you are vigilant, but it must be exhausting to have to argue with him about stuff. You need a break. Have a good trip tomorrow and try to be good to yourself this week until you come back.
    We'll be in touch. Love you lots.