Friday, May 21, 2010

Single Mom Traveler

Kalyn and I flew back to Denver today to be with Fred for the weekend. I am such a cheap person that I will do anything to not check a bag if they are going to make me pay. I already had to pay for my two year old's seat, so I'm allowed 4 carry-ons, right? Too bad I tried that on the way down and nearly broke my back and had a breakdown in the middle of the airport since I also had a clingy toddler and a car seat to haul.

This time I decided I was being smart, so I packed light, for me, and only brought one wheeled bag to check plane side, a heavy backpack, a shoulder bag, and the toddler and car seat. We did better in the sense I could manage on my own at least, but I was asked about 20 times if someone could carry something for me. I really need to work on my initial instinct to say no! The walk to the gate in Durango is not bad, but I need another massage after walking the entire length of DIA.

I know I still have one more solo flight scheduled with Kalyn and my (too) many bags, but I am realizing I don't want to make a habit of this. I am grateful to know that Fred will be back traveling with me eventually and helping with the bags!

Once again Kalyn was a trooper on the plane and did great through the airport. Fred's mom and step dad got in last night and picked us up from the airport. I thought we were going to miss Fred as he was being picked up for his afternoon appointment with a neuro-opthamologist doctor, but they were late picking him up and we got to spend about 15 minutes with him. It was great for Fred to see Kalyn, and his mom and step dad got to see him and chat with him for awhile. No matter what I say here, being able to see Fred really helps people believe that he is going to be fine, so I was happy his mom finally got that peace of mind.

When we walked in he was up and about walking around his room and getting packed to go to move to the East wing. The notice we had received the week prior was a mix up and he is just now getting moved over to the East wing, but he will be in a shared suite with another patient, and we do not have to move out of the apartment. I knew there was a reason I didn't have to get upset when we first got the move notice because it all works out, and the staff here is very good and understanding our individual situation and working with us.

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