Monday, May 17, 2010

Home for a few days

Kalyn and I came home for a few days today. It was a little hard to leave, but now that we are here, it feels right. I wasn't thinking when I booked an 8:15 flight by myself with a 2 year old, but we survived with the help of a lot of strangers. Kalyn had a rough night last night with the biggest meltdown so far as I was trying to focus on wrapping a few things up and she was exhausted from not really napping that afternoon. It wasn't the best night of sleep, but we all got some sleep and up at 5:30 to get ready to go to the airport. I was a sight to be seen going into the airport because I had a 2 year old in pjs and slippers, four carry on bags plus a car seat. I got one of the push carts, but apparently you can only take those up to security? When the security guy told me that, I said "ok" with probably a very bewildered look on my face because his next question was "do you need some help?" I should have used Fred's response for when someone asks me if I want some wine, "is the pope catholic?" Instead I was feeling emotional and just said yes and kept my tears at bay. We got through security without upsetting too many Monday morning business travelers and timed it perfectly to be waiting with a nice older lady that needed a ride in the cart, so we were able to hitch a ride on that and made it to our gate on time without me losing anything, including my temper!

Fred called to check in at lunch. He still sounds quiet and subdued, but said everything is going well. I told him to keep working hard so he can get home as soon as possible. He said it will be a long week without us up there, but I think we all need it.

It's great to be home and see what everyone has been taking care of for us. We definitely feel very loved!


  1. Glad to hear you made it home in one piece. Sometimes when we think we've had enough the universe gives us old ladies riding on carts. Hang in there sweetheart and enjoy your time at home. You may come back to a more receptive Fred when this is done. Love, Amy

  2. We all missed Fred at the Adventure race and I am just now really catching on to what happened.
    Thanks for the blog! The cycling community, and the adventure race community, is with you guys all the way.
    Rick Callies