Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Helmets and Play-Doh

Our friend let me borrow his car that is way nicer than mine and has more room for the drive up here and back in exchange for me taking it to get serviced up here since there are no dealers in Durango. This morning we all loaded up in the car, dropped it off at the dealer, got put in an even nicer loaner car and went out to breakfast at a little mom and pop type diner that was great. We got Fred back in time for his PT and then met up with him for his meeting with the doctor. It was our final meeting with the doctor before we head home, and it went well. We should be able to put Fred on a plane by the end of the summer, and he thought Fred should give up scuba diving. When you look at how much he could have lost and that's all they are suggesting, we feel very lucky, blessed and fortunate.

Fred has gotten to know a lot of the other patients in the time I've been gone, and it is amazing how many guys are in here from motorcycle crashes without wearing a helmet. After Fred's accident, everyone would ask if he was wearing a helmet, he was, and I realize now how few people, especially on motorcycles wear helmets. I feel like the helmet Fred was wearing either saved his life or is a big part in him not having significant life-long disabilities.

One of the speech therapy things this week was for Fred was to pick out a project to do with Kalyn. He chose making play-doh from scratch and then playing with it. They did that today, and she had a blast. It was very fun to watch the two of them playing together and see how much this whole process has brought the two of them closer.

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  1. It all sounds so positive and exciting! Pretty soon Fred will be helping Kalyn bake with REAL dough.
    Love to you all,
    Christl and Val