Tuesday, June 15, 2010

7 weeks

Tuesdays still seem a little off to me since the accident happened on one, but I was able to not dwell on it today. Fred slept well last night outside of the hospital. Even on a sofa bed and not quite home, it was better than a mechanical hospital bed. He had his first day of outpatient therapy today. Most of it was filled with introductions to the new therapists and going over his goals and list of activities for when he comes home. He was able to get another workout in the pool. Fred and Tom went out to eat tonight at a new place for them and thoroughly enjoyed it. A waitress at the restaurant recognized Fred from over 10 years ago when they worked together.

Over the weekend when Kalyn was playing in the sandbox at my mom's house, she found an old toy army soldier of my brother's buried in the sand. One of his arms was missing, and she called him the broken man and said he needed to go to Denver to get all better. Her specific orders were to fix him with tape because in her eyes, everything can be fixed with tape. It was an interesting and rather humorous example of her understanding of the situation.

I was able to focus on work for most of the day today, and I am starting to feel a little less behind. I will just try and get used to the progress of two steps forward, one step back. My big adventure of the day was opening all of the medical bills and trying to match them with the EOB paperwork from the insurance company. Luckily, I am meeting with the benefits specialist at Fred's work on Thursday to help me try and make heads or tails of everything.

Fred's Aunt in New York passed away today. She had a long happy life and died peacefully. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to see her this year, but our last few visits with her had been very nice. No matter how full of a life someone had, it's always hard to say goodbye and know that you will never see them again or have a chance to talk to them again.

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  1. get back to where you belong!! lookin forward to playin music with ya, lookin forward to you gettin back to durango!!