Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And How are You Doing?

Fred had an appointment with a primary care doctor today since we never had one here. It is a doctor that has seen other Craig patients, and we loved him. He had a great bedside manner and seemed to get Fred right from the start. It seemed like the visit was mostly to catch him up to speed and setup the relationship so if there are any questions as we go forward, we know who to contact. At one point he looked at me directly and asked how I was doing because he felt like doctors forget about the spouses that have witnessed the whole process. Putting a spotlight on me like that almost made me cry, but he just wanted to make sure I had whatever support system I needed. I feel like I have the support system, but I do feel the speed of life increasing and just trying to continue to find the time to let myself process everything as it comes up. The good news is I am sleeping well and not having any nightmares!

I will be Fred's chauffeur for about another 2 weeks, and right now it has made us spend a lot of time together. I've never been to the grocery store with Fred this many times in a two week stretch! One hard adjustment to being home is having him be home when I am used to having the house to myself to get work done. I have come to really cherish my quiet alone time in my own home, so it is taking a little time to get used to that, but I do feel fortunate that this is the only thing I feel like I am giving up right now, especially because it isn't for the long term!


  1. I so would have bawled when he asked that question. You are so strong!

  2. You are so strong Jenna, amazingly strong through all of this. I'm so glad you are all home, one day at a time...