Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting Back to Life

I don't know if anyone is still listening, but I'm still talking! It has really helped me process everything by writing on this blog, so I'll continue to keep writing. We are probably done with a lot of the major hurdles, but life being what it is, there will be more challenges and uphills in our future.

We had a fairly normal Monday other than the fact that Fred didn't go to work. The doctors really want him to slowly start getting back into all the different elements of his life before he adds work and work stress. It makes sense to me because when you have a full time job, you spend more waking hours doing that than anything else, and Fred has been away from so many aspects of his life for two months. There is a lot of catching up and getting settled back in for his brain to do.

Tonight Fred is going to the Search and Rescue meeting to say hello to everyone and reacquaint himself with that group. I find it slightly humorous that the training they are doing tonight is related to the life flight company which took him to Denver.


  1. Welcome home Hutt family!

    Yes, we are still listening. Believe me, your stories will continue to enrich and educate. Please don't stop.

    My best wishes to you three.

    Heidi Trept van Hulst, the Texas branch

  2. Definitely still listening! Please keep talking! So glad you are back home. :-)

  3. Still listening for sure! It is good that you can see the humor in some of the things happening. Hope that Fred doesn't rush getting back to "normal", whatever that is for this family :-).
    Love ya,
    Christl and Val