Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Closer

Last night when I was falling asleep, I felt like it was Christmas in June because we were on our way towards home the next day. It was almost hard to fall asleep! I did doze off for awhile, but an hour later, things started to fall apart. Fred was either hit with a stomach bug or food poisoning. We're not really sure because we ate the same things from lunch on and my stomach was only mildly upset. Kalyn at the same dinner as us and seems fine. Fred is being put through the wringer. I didn't get much sleep, and Fred didn't really get any at all. We had to move out of the apartment by 10 this morning, so I pulled myself together and went to pull the car around to start loading it up. I unlocked the car and found the front passenger side window smashed in and the glove box open and sorted through. Luckily, there wasn't anything in the car worth taking, so all we had to deal with was a smashed window. I was able to find a glass store in the city that had the part and could fix it that day. We got all packed up, Fred went to his classes for about 10 minutes, but they sent him away when they heard how bad he was feeling. We spent about 2 hours at the glass repair shop, but were able to drive away with the car completely intact.

We had originally planned on staying the night in Salida, and I am so happy we made that choice. I was too tired to safely drive to Durango tonight, and all of us were done with the car after 3 hours. Plus, it is always fun to stay in a hotel with Kalyn because she calls them Who-tells, so we always get a good laugh out of that one. I told Fred he wasn't in very good shape when we brought him up to Denver, so it is fitting he is not in great shape when we are bringing him home. At least this is something that will pass on its own!

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