Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To write or not

I felt like I had been blogging nonstop, save a few days here and there, since Fred's accident happened, and this weekend, I decided to take an unannounced break. It felt really good because my life also had some semblance of a new normal. Fred drove himself around to his own things, we had nice family time and I got to work in the garden and have time by myself at home. I'm still up and down and all over the map emotionally, but things like being done with going to Denver, getting a life schedule back in place and having time to myself is huge for my sanity. I also took a break from writing because I started to feel embarrassed about pouring my heart and emotions out on the blog. It felt a little overexposed, and I didn't feel like broadcasting every troubled emotion I had for a few days because all in all, we are doing wonderful. I know I still have a lot to process, but I'm not sure the blog is the appropriate place to do that. So I'm feeling self-conscious, which is completely normal for me!


  1. Just do exactly what you feel like doing each day. You gave us a huge gift all along, and it's about you now.
    Love you,

  2. Regarding blogging: it was cathartic for you at the time, but now that you have your family back you may not feel the need so much. Just live your life with your beautiful family and if you need an ear, we'll all be here to listen! Thank you for sharing your story. Take care, Cathy

  3. Hey Jenna, Ed and I have been following Fred's recovery and Ed wanted to give him a call (but we don't have your phone number). Ed wanted to invite Fred to visit the studio if he would be interested; Ed is recording with the Misfits, who are in Durango working on their new record. You can email Ed thru his website or myself at amy@honeybeeinteractive.com. Take care, Amy