Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Good Day

I feel like I need to report to all those still listening and possibly worried about me, that I had a really nice day today! Kalyn went and spent the morning at a friend's house and Fred's boss picked him up this morning to take him in to work to visit with his coworkers. I am realizing that a key piece to my sanity is having time by myself at home. I will always be a homebody, and I love the peace and solitude of being by myself during the daytime at home. I don't like it at night, but a quiet morning at home is wonderful!

Next week we go back up to Denver for a clinical check for Fred, and he gets to take his driver certification testing earlier than expected. I am really looking forward to him being able to drive again. I have never liked making more than 1 trip to town in a day, and I like to have days where I never have to go to town at all, so I'm glad I won't have to make 2-3 trips a day for much longer.

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  1. Yeah Jenna! I hear you about liking time to yourself. I'm sure that Fred feels the same way. He practices his guitar at night when he is alone, and I am sure that he has plenty of other "Fred-time", too. Personally, I always thought that there is a piece missing in people who can't stand to be alone.
    Keep on taking care of yourself and your needs.