Monday, July 5, 2010

The Gift

Now that the major trauma is behind us, the experience isn't bad. I would say it is scary because everything in the future is up in the air. But that's true for all of us. Nothing is guaranteed, so every day can change and get turned upside down no matter how many plans you have made. I'm taking this experience as a gift because it is changing the way I try to go about my day. I'm learning to not fight things anymore. So many events have started out as an upset but worked out fine when I look back. I'm trying to float with the current and enjoy the ride. There's no point in thinking about what we would have been doing this summer if Fred hadn't gotten in an accident because that's not our reality. We were talking the other day about movies like Sliding Doors and The Family Man where a movie looks at how a split second can change your life. I think our life is better from this experience in the way that I feel closer to Fred and the tighter bond we share from going through this. I am also trying to not fight the lows in life. We need to go through the lows to enjoy the good times. I would never want me life to be a constant shade of gray, so I will take the darker times to make the light times that much brighter.

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