Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have written before about a brain injury being hard for other people to understand the healing process because it is internal. There is no open wound to put a bandage on or cast or stitches to attend to. Most people like to be able to fix things, and dressing a wound feels like you are making things better. What Fred and I both need right now is time and patience. Fred's brain and my emotions need the time to heal.

Kalyn woke up with a mild fever today, so we've taken it easy today. I got out in the garden and worked on my flower bed with my gardening buddies, and Fred and Kalyn had a quiet morning together. Yesterday we took a little hike with our friends from out of town. Here's a picture from yesterday.


  1. What a lovely picture, Jenna. So glad Fred is back with his will get easier - you are handling it all like a champ. Hang in there, Cathy

  2. Thanks for the great picture. Body looks a lot like Daisy. Is he being good?:-) Kalyn's hair looks cute!
    Happy 4th!
    Love to you all,