Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories

for starters, she ran the whole 1 mile turkey trot. I was so proud of her. Just like her mama, she was pretty much in last place, but she ran the whole thing and she was positive the whole time!

after the race we came home and I told her it was time for nap, and I swear the first time in her negotiating life she agreed to go to sleep! When she woke up, other people had arrived, so she cuddled with Grandpa for awhile and ate a ton of crackers, so by the time dinner was served, she wasn't very hungry.

The cutest part was when it was time for dessert. I gave her a plate of apple and pumpkin pie, and everyone was seated, and she makes some comment about having to bake the pie, so she gets out of her chair, goes and gets the rolling pin, sits back down and rolls her pumpkin pie. Then she proceeds to eat her pumpkin pie off the rolling pin! We were all laughing!

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